Granite Countertop Estimator for your Website

Increase your conversion rate on your current Website Marketing up to 300% or more!
ICE ™- Instant Countertop Estimator
The instant estimator is a very powerful website application that can help you convert more website visitors with your current online marketing efforts. ICE integrates into your website, Blog or Social media website by simply placing a link.
We build all the technology into the link so that you can easily customize the presentation to fit your needs.

How does it work?
Basically you have a few parameters that you can adjust to ensure that the estimator is accurate to your current offers. You make these changes right in the link that you are provided so you can adjust them at any time.
You see that the link has some parameter for customization
This tells us that you are using the estimator from an external website
defines the partner and routes the estimate to the proper account
Uba Tuba
can define the color selected for the estimator lest say you set a price based on colors on your website that can be captured here.
Price point for the estimator to run on. If not set we use our 3 default price points
if you charge extra for edging you can define the price here by linear foot
to make the estimate more accurate you may predefine the sales tax
For branding you may set a background color to reflect your websites look and feel
For branding you may set a text color to reflect your websites look and feel (keep in mind we put a black transparnet overlay to ensure that the text is readable so white is commonly selected)
Place the full path to your logo and we will place it on the top of the estimator.
This launches a new browser window leaving the page that the customer came from on the computer at all times and does not interupt browsing on your website

Every completed estimate is automatically sent to the email address that you provide to us on your account as well as to the customer that completed the instant estimate. This customer may be early in the buying process so take the soft sale approach until they give you indicators of who they are as a customer.

Step 1: The customer may choose a countertop shape or enter the square footage if they already know it. They can also enter the EST# here to recall a previous estimate. Additional pieces can be added later.

Step 2: Once they have selected the shape that best represents the piece they are adding to the estimate we then request the dimensions of each edge and the treatment for that edge.

Step 3: Once they have selected the shape that best represents the piece they are adding to the estimate we then request the dimensions of each edge and the treatment for that edge.

Step 4: Estimate Registration. Registration is required for the customer to receive an estimate. This is essential to the data collection and reporting process as well as our ability to send you the details in real time. We have standard valuation on this form to ensure that the data is accurate as well as we have many catches in place to block the “spammer” from infiltrating the system.  A check box confirms that the user agrees to the terms and conditions basically stating that the estimate is for ball parking purposes only and that they will be contacted by you the local representative.
Email notifications are generated and sent to you and to the customer with a unique ID representing this Estimate.

Step 5: The customer is provided with an estimate only when they provide a valid email address and may click on this link provided in the email providing the estimate details.

Why does it work?
·        You have just captured the attention of a customer.
·        They have invested time in your website and have elected to give you valid contact info.
·        They have also provided you with specific information about their home.
·        The sooner you can get back to them and help them to the next stage of the process the better
·        You have specific touch points that you can talk about on your call to help move the process forward faster.

How much does it cost?
We have a couple pricing models to suit your needs. We have an annual license where you pay once per year. We also offer a lead based model. And at the time of creating this document we have a model where we will give you the first 5 leads for free each month and you then pay per lead after that.
Example implementations:
Quick Hits:
Instant Countertop Estimator for your website
1.      Convert up to 300% more customers from your current marketing efforts
2.      Installation is a snap Simply Drop a link or an image graphic associated to your promotion
3.      Activate customers from your website, blog or social media. Anywhere you can put your link.
4.      Changes to the offers is simple by changing the parameters of the URL
5.      We ensure that the data is correct and accurate and block most unwanted responses
6.      You have more data to move the sale forward.

Interested? Send an email to
Provide us with the email address/Mobile number and carrier for TXT notifications that you want the leads to go to as well as whether you want to do the annual license or the 5 Free /per month.
We will email you back your client ID, and the HTML for your links to drop
Your off to the races!

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