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5 Keys to Local Online Marketing

Small Business Online Marketing System Online Marketing should be the first channel a small business or a new business Looks at. You can gain instant understanding of your market. Triggers that drive sales. You can learn price point and values of your customers in just a few weeks. Then apply this knowledge to your traditional marketing materials to solidify your brand strategy. These next 5 keys define how we impliment, execute, monitor and maintain your online strategy: Define your Value Proposition. What sets you apart from your competion. Use this to leverage your offer and drive new customers to your sales pipeline. Market your best value clearly and straight forward. Avoid the bait and switch and be clear on what is included in the offer. (In this economy marketing price over value is the first step, customer loyalty has taken a back seat to saving a dime) Make sure website communicates the same way your sales force does. You have spent countless hours training and selling and yo