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Granite Countertops local Online Advertising Service

FireUps(R)  provides online marketing services for granite fabricators.   Our consumer website is designed to convert the worktop/countertop customer into a lead for your business by answering many of the questions the customer has during this purchasing process. We offer a kitchen designer to help the customer make color decisions, we offer the instant estimator to help them to generate a ballpark estimate, and we customize the galleries and the home pages to reflect your quality, service and value. Since these leads are exclusive to you and we have educated them on your products and services, this increases the quality of the information we collect and intern shortens the sale for you. The key to our success: At the core of what we do is marketing – Our spark lead management system enables us to capture data on every lead we generate for you and present it to you. You have tracking features to track the lead through your pipeline

Advanced Granite Countertops Color Search

We have added a new granite countertops color search module to our customer website. This module is portable so if you would like to have it on your website be sure to contact us.  This search feature is geared toward the consumer providing a huge database of stone colors as well as a "favs" feature for the customer to group a series of colors together as favorites. The user can then share with their social network or can email this to them selves to reference later. This helps you to provide a rich user experience as well as with your FireUps Account You will see more sales opportunities. FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven resul

Granite Marketing Strategies UNVEILED has arrived!

Granite Marketing  Strategies UNVEILED This document is considered CONFIDENTIAL and is protected by Redistribution of this material outside of your organization is strictly prohibited! You don’t want this in your competitor’s hands! ******************** Granite Marketing Strategies Has arrived! We show you some of the secrets used all over the country to capture the local granite marketing customer. excerpt: " ...A bit about us: We provide a turnkey marketing service that is based on tracking ROI through data collection and data mining – i.e. marketing. We collect this marketing data by advertising your company and defining your competitive advantage and helping you to create greater perceived value.   Our service is based on what we call Cost per Ins... " excerpt: " ....Pricing: Pricing your products and services can be challenging and in this day in age many question how can other businesses survive at the prices that

Turning down the Remnant Granite Countertops Sale

I talked to my first fabricator just the other day and they stated that they LOVED to sell remnants???? Every other fabricator that I work with is reluctant to put the remnant offers on the websites. This can be a little cash cow for your business and all that inventory is just sitting around. In this case I think it was an owner that like to keep his hands on some stone and he was putting 3-4 grand in his pocket a week doing remnant sales. When done correctly you can get $60 or more per SF on remnant inventory. Many fabricators turn this work down??? Take advantage of that and market for the remnant Work. You might be surprised how much money you can make and how many full kitchen jobs you can get out of it! --- Keep that in mind the next time you turn down the small job. FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps pr

How does the granite countertop fabricator succeed in todays market.

Focus on the promotion! I have talked with many fabricators all over the country and I hear all the time these great deals they can get on exotics and these premium stones. There is a reason for it... they are not selling! Focus on what stone is selling. If you actually have a customer that knows the difference between commercial and first quality then this will be a different sales process. Don't get roped into buying better quality stone. Focus on your profit margin on what granite is selling.  These higher priced stones won't make your phone ring... If you have them available ... then when you get them in the door a good salesman can move that customer into these higher priced stones with the right customer and the right pitch. But remember your market narrows fast if you are marketing these high priced stones. This market today is Price, Price,  Price... then quality and service I know a guy that was trying to get into the stone business and bought a couple cont