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Handling the bad review...

How you can handle the bad review: “They didn’t!!!,” you whimper! (Oh yeah, they did. And, sorry, putting your hand over your screen trying to hide the negative comment won’t help the situation. Nice try though.) Yep, it’s the black mark on the soul of your brand!!! A mad hindrance on the successes you have worked so hard to achieve!!!! A fly in the ointment of your social media efforts!!! “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Okay, you get the point. So, yeah, you’ve received a negative comment. And, right now, it might seem like the end of the world, but, don’t panic, it’s not. It’s actually an opportunity for you to show off your customer servicing capabilities. (No, seriously, hear me out.) Even with the best of products, services and customer service, this was bound to happen sooner or later, because, as hard as you try, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. It’s the nature of doing business. The important thing is turning that negative feedback you received into a posi

Spark Lead Management CRM and Workflow Management

I provide a tracking application with our advertising program that enables me to track a customers ROI in real-time. We start with online typically because that is the most effective form of advertising for the customer that is looking to compete in todays market. We implement call tracking as well as track every contact method and provide a CRM where the user is able to track closing ratio for the channel as a whole as well as by individual sales rep. The next phase is to implement tracking phone number and tracking URLS in traditional advertising to monitor true ROI from traditional media. We have coined the term Cost Per Install as the true measure of success for the fabricator as we use this to track performance. CPI = is what it costs in advertising dollars to generate a sale. Once we have 1-2 months of data and this number the fabricator can typically increase or decrease the ad budget to reach the desired sales goal. My best clients are between $100 and $150

I DO Local Integration is complete

Every granite customer automatically has an account. This is another lead source that will come up in the interface. The data on idolocal is synced with your marketing package. I do local is designed to service each market and providers of local services. If you know of any service providers that would be interested in increasing their opportunity for more business please point them to This service is based on the same principles as our granite marketing program but is based on a slightly different model. This service extends your reach through organic SEO. This is an important part of our overall strategy. Local Organic SEO provides you with a more long term branding initiative and brings in buyers earlier on in the buying process. This does not effect our full service approach. For other service providers this service will help to create a base of leads that can grow into more opportunities for them. I do local is a product on the FireUp