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Granite Countertops Marketing System Benefits

Fire Ups® Granite Countertops Marketing System Benefits We are often asked what are the benefits of working with us verse other companies. So here is a partial list of benefits; these are the ones that we can publish online. We are Granite Countertop Marketing Specialist. We believe that focusing on a the granite countertop niche' service benefits all parties involved. We have generated over 4 Million in sales in the past 3 years just marketing granite countertops for a few countertop companies We partner with you, our markets are exclusive so we can work closely together and build a relationship that will last. We are a small business not an online marketing chop shop. We don't have rock stars sales people. We have professional that are part of the solution. We offer online lead management for FREE for both online and offline lead sources.

Local Granite Online Marketing

Marketing companies solicit my client all the time. They tell them.. generate 5-800% more traffic from organic. Never Pay Per Click again. Oh and 80% of results come from organic results. Well My research says different. (other niche markets these numbers may be true) but for the Granite market this is not the case. One of our clients that has been with us from 2008 has top ten placement for 100's of keyword combination. and the traffic that we generate now 3 years later from this is significant. Actually it represents 2/3's of the traffic to the site. here is the rubb.. the bounce rate is higher from Organic listings (indication of less targeted visitor) and these visits are from all over the world. This is a local granite fabricator looking for business within the local market(s). (indication of less targeted visitor) So for the local business (Looking for customers within a target radius) Organic SEO will drive numbers to a website but this is intrisically flaw