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Summer Seasonal changes, the retail customer, sales planning

Every year at the same times the retail customer activity is the same.  During the transition into summer and memorial day weekend expect customers to be more "tire kicking" They are still interested in doing the countertops but they are distracted by other seasonal expenses.  Some examples of these distractions: Outdoor clean up, gardening and planting Travel plans to friends and relatives Opening the pool Opening camps and cottages Prepping the boat for the summer season School transitions  Graduations etc. These activities distract from the focus of the kitchen remodel, planning activities and can take the consumers attention and expendable income away from the kitchen remodel.  During these times of slow down before and after we typically see things picking up.  You have a couple choice based on your own planning: Increase your exposure to maintain sales flow Stay where you are to ride things out through the ups and downs Increase the pe