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Energize your current website

Did you know that our applications can be added to your websites and blog website?  Our instant estimator is very powerful tool for capturing the customer by providing them with the ability to create an estimate for themselves. The kitchen designer helps the customer sort through the many color options that you provide. We have also introduced a color selector with over 1000 colors for the customer to sort through and create shareable color selection that they can reference later, share with you or view any of the colors in the virtual kitchen designer.  All of these tools are designed to do 2 things. Keep the user on your website LONGER! and help the customer help themselves through the buying process. We have also found that the kitchen designer is a great tool for helping the customer in the showroom make some color choices and save time in the stone yard looking at stones. Setup a computer with internet access in the showroom or office and help them define a couple colors th


DONT BUY GRANITE/ TILE LEADS FROM SHARED LEAD PROVIDERS In markets that we do not have an exclusive partner like you we sell the leads to the shared lead provider and your buying it anyways, as well as 3-4 of your competitors. Cut them all out and go direct with us. ***************** POSTPAID: - - - > TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! We send you leads, you close, you send us 5% of the sale. (based on 15% closing, average sale price of $2500, $150/Sale) ***************** $300 UNLIMITED: - - - > No variable cost. The better you close the more you make! We send you leads, you close and pay us on a $300 monthly subscription. ***************** SALES BASED: - - - > Now we are growing your business We set an advertising budget and target a specific amount of sales per month as the goal. We manage the purchase of traffic to the website and track the responses. We send you leads, you close. ***************** BUY DIRECT! We have some great programs to ease you

Kitchen Designer for your Ipad

Our kitchen designer application is a flash based solution. the resident browser for the ipad/iphone does not support this. We have tested and preliminary findings are that if you are interested in using our kitchen designer on your iphone or iPad. its as simple as installing a free browser application on your device called puffin.  Granite Countertop Virtual Kitchen Designer Put this virtual kitchen designer on your website to keep your visitors on your website. The Virtual Kitchen Designer is a great tool to help move the customer through the buying cycle for granite countertops. They can compare cabinet colors, wall colors, to granite colors with or without backsplash etc. This Sticky Application is a snap to install on any webpage that you can add a link to. On average users view 6-8 pages when working with the Kitchen Designer. We recommend and supply the html code for the kitchen designer that pops a new

"It's On Like Donkey Kong"

Now is the time to boost those marketing budgets! Inventory is up.  What to I mean by this? People are home improvement shopping again. All my marketing accounts are receiving request for double budgets due to increased searches. If you are on the fence about getting in or boosting your budgets now is the time. If you would like to get in on this we have markets available and a $300/month unlimited Leads special.  This is a great starter program to test market your promotions. If we can put 1-2 sales in your pocket on this program we should be able to "Rock the House" with our Sales based program for you.  interested? Call 877 877 1916 or visit for more details FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface inst

Spark Lead Management System Update : Form Spam

UPDATE: This has been deployed! Please contact us if you have any client calls that state that they are having any issues. We have configured this real time check to be fairly "tight" in that if they have been reported more that X number of times to a global Spam database they will not be able to complete forms on our websites. Why? We pride our selves on our ability to provide quality leads. When our leads are presented in conjunction with  "Junk Mail" it bothers us. We don't want to waste your time with bad data. At the same time when something like this is deployed it can present new issues such as customers could have been incorrectly flagged as spammers. If you receive a report that a customer is having an issue please ask them for the IP address. they can use google and do a search for "whats my ip address" and that will tell them. If some get through even after the this release then we will be adding them to the national database of fo