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Beta Release of

FireUps has just released a very innovative new site for marketing your products and service on the internet. By listing your products on you will gain top listing for local organic search based on the products that you list with us. These products are presented next to your companys description and contact information. All for Free! The free service is limited to the number of listings you may have. With your account you have access to projects posted by customers in your market. We will send you email notification when a project matches your account settings. These will be free of charge until we have good penetration across the country, So get in now! Special rates will be adopted for early users. For a small fee we will setup all of your listings for you or you may set them up yourself once your account has been created. Check it out by visiting FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local a

How the Web was won.

To be successful on the internet is not rocket science. There are no real tricks. It’s all about marketing. Below you will find an online marketing strategy that I recommend you follow from a business perspective. Forget talking about SEO or SEM or “you have to be number #1 for a keyword” or “PPC is the way to go”. Approach this like a business person. Selecting a provider: Select a provider that can show you current results and that you can connect with, see how they market themselves online. Setting Goals: Then set your goals and a target ROI. If your request is reasonable and you understand that it takes money to make money you are on the right track. PROMOTION… PROMOTION… PROMOTION… If after your competitive analysis you can’t compete either in price, value, experience or quality with the other players online in your market don’t read any further and go back to your referrals or wholesale channels and use your website as a virtual brochure that you hand out when someone calls.