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Quartz countertops are making a move - or are they

So one way that I gauge my research is on consumer search trends. This is a way that we can see what customers are looking for and buying or reasearching nationally. The link below shows us Granite vs quartz vs silestone vs concrete as far as search volume on google. I see an increase in quartz countertops Searches in the past 2 years. Granite search volume has remain steady for the past 7 years. In early 2000 silestone made a big branding push that you can see did not have the staying power. It looks like consumers moved to granite very quickly since 2007. I think the reason that quartz countertops are starting to see more search volume is that the market is becoming flooded with imitation quartz countertops at very inexpensive prices. These materials do not have the same properties of the leading US brands and the consumer is really paying the price because they don't know how to tell the difference. check out this link for countertop search trends Granite vs quartz

Fireups Launching Marketing Automation in the Spark Lead Management platform

We are in the testing phase of our marketing automation platform. Some leads are not created equal. We are adding the option to automate response to your leads. You simply create a standard response to an internet lead and the system does the rest. Drive the customer through the business process that works best for you! Example: Web lead hits the system for an instant estimate The system sends the customer the estimate details. Setup Automated emails Build an email that is sent out 24 hours later inviting them to call you. Send out the current offers email 3 days later - Don't miss these specials Send out the instant discount 6 days later offering free sealing with purchase. Automate the current specials email to go out every 30 days. With this kind of correspondence automated for you if the customer sis ready to buy and the email was valid they will see your call to action. The customer may opt out at any time and this action will dead the lead in the system for y