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PRG Design does not just build websites

We don't just build website because just a website 90% of the time will not help your business generate more business.. The other 10% are people that will use the website to complete a sale so you must be generating interest in your products and services elsewhere. There are sooo many sites out there that are just missing the boat and actually may be doing more harm to your sales efforts then good. Our program is design around generating results at an agreed upon budget. Through this process we consult with you to determine whether or not we are a good fit for each other.. before a dime is ever spent. We evaluate the market potential and put a plan in place. This plan is designed to minimize your financial exposure and to get your phone to ring with new business right away. Check us out online at and and if you have any questions don't hesitate to call 603-617-3877 I will be happy to answer any of your questions concerning online marketing,

PRG Design Redesign and logo update

PRG Launches new website to go with the new brand identity. Launched

Image has partnered with a business owner with 15 years of experience owning, marketing and selling granite countertops. Through this relationship was born focusing on the national granite fabricators providing branding, internet Marketing, and consultive services. What 10,20,30 more installs per month? We can help! Want to go from wholesale to retail? We can help! Are your current advertising channels drying up? We can help! Stone Countertop Marketing: Granite & Marble Countertops has developed a program specific to the fabricator shop. This program has proven results in multiple markets and is guaranteed* to work in yours! Highlights of the Stone Marketing Program: Immediate results (Phone starts ringing within 2 days and appointments and walk ins start within 7 days) Minimized financial exposure Proven results This is a Partnership. Our goal is to have you as a client long term. Quick turn around. depending on the services needed your clo Launched has launched to provide a base SEO for all granite clients. this site is designed to fast-track the launch of our future granite countertop clients. Granite Makeover is a service designed to provide YOU the consumer with the most up to date and relevant information concerning your granite upgrade. We partner with local granite fabricators to provide you with relevant offers from YOUR local service provider. We build relationships with local providers and through this relationship we hand select a shop to represent us in your area. This selection process is to ensure that the local provider has similar goals and values as Granite Makeover and that they maintain a certain level of Quality, Service and Value. In some instances when we wont have a local provider. In this case we will display some of the most relevant provider listing that relate to your area and provide the request for quote option on the website. the Request for quote option, in this c

PRG Joins The BBB

PRG Joins the Better Business Buruea because it is our goal to provide Quallity Service and Value that is unmatched in the Website Design and Online Marketing Space. Our Experience, Expertise and execution allows us to create campaigns that produce results in ways that can seam unbelievable. We joined the BBB to provide additional verification. We are very excited about our invitation to join the BBB and please feel free to click on the BBB on the bottom of our websites to see our file.

Boston Granite Does $75 per install in the first 2 weeks!

Blew me away! did 10 deals in the first 15 days of this Local targeted Online Marketing Program. We focus on cost per install and work with you to ensure that we meet our target sales goals. If you need more sales for your Granite Fabrications business you need to talk to We provide Local Tageted Online Marketing campaigns for Granite Fabricators. 603-617-3UPS (3877) Ask for Paul

Boston Granite Countertops Launch

Just Launched for the boston southern Mass market. We are finding great success with our fabricators and are expanding our program. With our program we are creating installs for $100-$140 per top in ad costs and over the first 6 months we are reducing costs and increasing sales to as low as $85 per install!!! We are growing this channel nationally so if you would like to be installing 10-40+ more tops per month then you should give us a call! Local Online Marketing Specialist The consultation is FREE. Call now. 603-617-3UPS (3877)

Florida Granite Contertops Launch

3 Months Ago PRG Design began providing Local Online Marketing Services for Granite Conversions Inc. in Pembroke Pines Florida. Since doing so we created a new website for him which is scheduled to be his primary website. Granite Conversions is in one of the most competitive areas of the country to compete for granite fabrication and installation. Over the last 3 months working with Granite conversions has been a pleasure we were intregued by the opportunity to see how our program would do in this Market. Well as I suspected we were able to get things going for granite conversions and they are now positioned for growth rather then worried about where the next job will come from. If you would like to know more about how and our service please feel free to poke around and if you are in need of FireUps just give us a call. The number is on the contact us page. Thanks for Reading, Hope to hear from you soon.

We've added Twittering about Granite countertops.

Affordable Granite has just added 23 more colors to choose from. Visit

Affordable Granite Adwords campaign knocks it out of the park

UPDATE: One Year Aniversary of the program Netted more that 39,000 visits to a website that did not exist before november 2008. Affordable Granite Countertops has what it takes to provide superior Quality Service and Value to New Hampshire Maine vermont and Mass Local granite countertop supplier has launched an adwords campaign with PRG Design. Goal to be at the top of the results with reasonable costs. We have been successful to impliment a campaign that has turned things around and they are now running 7 days a week to keep up with demand. Contat us today for your online marketing needs