Launched has launched to provide a base SEO for all granite clients. this site is designed to fast-track the launch of our future granite countertop clients.

Granite Makeover is a service designed to provide YOU the consumer with the most up to date and relevant information concerning your granite upgrade. We partner with local granite fabricators to provide you with relevant offers from YOUR local service provider. We build relationships with local providers and through this relationship we hand select a shop to represent us in your area. This selection process is to ensure that the local provider has similar goals and values as Granite Makeover and that they maintain a certain level of Quality, Service and Value.

In some instances when we wont have a local provider. In this case we will display some of the most relevant provider listing that relate to your area and provide the request for quote option on the website. the Request for quote option, in this case, will be sending a teaser email immediately to up to 4 local granite fabricators your name and ask them to contact us to see if they are up to providing you with A+ service. We do not provide them with your direct contact information until they have communicated directly with us. These companies that receive the email are hand selected by our staff but do not have a relationship with us at present.
If you have an issue with your fabricator. We ask that you try to communicate directly with them if you have an issue. If you are not able to resolve the issue with the fabricator directly please let us know. We will be glad to help in any way that we can. All though we do not have any authority over the local providers business practices we find this information valuable and will be able to ensure that we are providing our services to the best of the best.
We want you to tell us about your experience when the job is complete. Good or Bad. Again this will help us ensure your satisfaction and help our fabricators maintaining the highest level of integrity. Send your testimonials to

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