Launched has partnered with a business owner with 15 years of experience owning, marketing and selling granite countertops. Through this relationship was born focusing on the national granite fabricators providing branding, internet Marketing, and consultive services.

What 10,20,30 more installs per month?
We can help!

Want to go from wholesale to retail?
We can help!

Are your current advertising channels drying up?
We can help!

Stone Countertop Marketing:

Granite & Marble Countertops
 has developed a program specific to the fabricator shop. This program has proven results in multiple markets and is guaranteed* to work in yours!

Highlights of the Stone Marketing Program:

  • Immediate results (Phone starts ringing within 2 days and appointments and walk ins start within 7 days)

  • Minimized financial exposure

  • Proven results

  • This is a Partnership. Our goal is to have you as a client long term.

  • Quick turn around. depending on the services needed your closing within 7-21 days.

  • Access to Professional Granite Marketers.

  • The consultation is FREE but our markets are EXCLUSIVE so contact us today.

7 Days from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

See a sample of our client implimentations.

Contact us today for your FREE initial consultation.

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Q:Are you saying this program actually can save me money? A:It can reduce your costs to acquire new customers and increase the amount of customer in the first 7 days.

Q: Why Just Granite Countertops? A: Because if we focus on your needs and build our partnerships with Providers acrost the country we will have the most successful network of Fabricators in the country.

*Our team provides professional services to create a local targeted online campaign that produces results for your business. Our guarantee states that if you decide not to continue the program after the first 30 day trial period you will not be responsible for any professional services fee. We reserve the right to not provide the guarantee at time of proposal at our discretion.

Some recent achievements:

  • Constantly pulling 30-40 installs in a down economy.

  • Reduced Ad budget from 10% of sales to 5% and doubled projected installs month after month.

  • New client launch $75 cost per install first 15 days!

  • Doubled projected installs for the first 30 days.

How Do Customers Find You


We just started working with More Ups and WOW! In this down economy and competitive space I knew I had to be on the Internet but I never expected these results in the first 7 days. Give MoreUps a try, they get the job done and Fast!

- Northwood, NH

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