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Granite Countertops Marketing Strategy

Granite Countertops Marketing Granite Marketing Granite Countertops Marketing Strategy The market for countertops has changed and it has changed very fast due primarily to the reduction in available work. We the sharp decline in new construction, the availability of diverse and green products as well as an influx of fabricators it’s not good enough that your fathers father started your business and you do really good work. People on all level of the income scale are pinching pennies and ensuring that the dollar goes just a little bit further. Granite is still and will remain as the top product selected for countertops due to the qualities inherent in the product and the unique sense of individualism that comes with it. Our fight is not really with the other products in the space.  It is with each other and people moving into our territory and creates these price wars. In this article I will talk about how we can compete and how we will maintain a level of busin

Granite Countertops Marketing Perceived Value Strategy

Granite Countertops Marketing Perceived Value Strategy Granite Marketing Perceived Value Strategy In this article we will talk about creating perceived value and what does that mean to the granite countertop fabricator. How can we compete in the ever changing and competitive market place? I just got off the phone today with a guy that feels like it’s all over. He just wants to do a good job and get the $40 dollars a square foot and be done with it. I don’t want to play games he says. The truth of the matter is that the stone fabrication market is maturing. That it is becoming important to understand how to market your products and service and to compete for the available jobs. The economy has put a strain and has reduced the amount of work available. This does not mean that its over –this just means that it is different. We will show you how we help you create greater perceived value. We work with fabricators all over the country and this is not our only trick