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The Granite Game is Changing

I hear it all the time, people complaining about business being slow. The world is changing. The way people shop is changing. the way customers research products is changing, the economy is changing... You can either change with it or go out of business. We at fireUps focus on specific niche industries but the customer is the same. To go after the internet marketing customer, you have to get out in front of the customer with your best price first. Then attack them with value and a website that clearly focuses on what the consumer is looking for. You need to understand what the values of the customer is and where that customer is in the buying cycle. In the Granite Countertop Marketing space the online customer has a quote in hand.. They don't like the price they in hand and are looking for options. That's where I attack. Can you beat the price? Can you beat the install time line. can you put together a better service? All are potential competitive advantages. If y

Spark Has Gone Mobile

Sparks New mobile application enables customers to manage customers on the move. The mobile applicaiton is a scalled down version of website application where you can access all your leads right from your mobile devices. Contact the customer via phone or send and email and update the stateus, set estimates, templates, and schedule installs. This can keep admin staff in the loop on every deal in realtime as they have access to the same data from desktops and their unique login. Contact us for a demo of Spark and the Spark Mobile applications. FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven results that will increase your bottom line. Our teams expertise in direct to consumer marketing is second to none, and we want

Pay Per Click First

Why do we recommend pay per click first when your are starting or re-evaluating your online strategy... Because this gives you insight into what the market is doing. You can make some intuitive decisions on what the right keywords are but studying the landscape online but you still don't truly know what customers are responding to until you actually generate business. And to add insult to that I find that on keywords that we rank #1 and #2 people still click on the PPC advertising. I think that the power of PPC advertising is in the delivery of the message. I have dominated local online markets for clients and still to this day without the PPC campaign the amount of customers would shrink quickly. the customer that comes from ORganic has a higher bounce rate and typically a shorter time on site than the customer that is shopping the promotions in the adwords campaigns. I even find that when I shop that the PPC ads are more relevant than the search results when it comes to the targe