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Google just changed the game for Local Search

Google changed how they show local search results. By putting in your area of service and state name the first page of Google is now transformed into Google places market place. Now all that organic search marketing you've been working on just took a back seat. If you are not on the first page for the map section for the granite countertops market we can help. We have the ability not not only boost your local listing but we can drive new business to your store in just a few short days. Our approach is different in that we take a holistic approach to your online marketing efforts. we track the overall effectiveness of the campaign and we ensure through communication with your team that we drive results. contact us today for a free consultation. 603-617-3877

Granite Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan is a major step in starting a countertop business as well as taking your fabrication business to the next level. In this article we will look at parts of a granite marketing strategy that will help you to implement your strategy. How many installs do you want? If you know how much business you want this is the first step. By defining the amount of business you are looking to gain you now have a touch stone to measure success. We then attribute the cost associated to generating this business based on general market intelligence and we are then able to project your return on investment. How many installs can your current infrastructure handle? Are you the one man shop, sales team with install crew and fabrication crew or are you bigger than this? If you can project out where problems begin with too much business you will have a realistic view of the top line for cost to do more business. To much business is measured by a decrease in quality of service, and red