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5 Proven Methods to Accelerate Sales before Year End.

5 Proven Methods to Accelerate Sales before Year End.   During the holidays the retail customers expendable income points more towards holiday spending and travel expenses. They also are in the home and kitchen more and tend not to disturb this space. This shrinks the market and the available audience to market too. The best ways to combat this is with increased perceived value, budget, and efficiency in the sales process. 1. Work only on Qualified Opportunities – most sales executives work on unqualified sales opportunities because they do not have enough qualified sales opportunities.. Field new leads but focus on customers that are engaged, that are moving through the sales process faster. Ensure that these customers have more of your attention. 2. Accelerate Your Sales Process with Your Website – a buyer-driven website should guide every prospect through the buying process, educate and create preference for your solution and services. We already do this for you. N

Combat Slowing Retail Sales during the holidays and this election year

Every year the retail customer is distracted from kitchen remodeling with black Friday spending, the holiday season activities' and travel. When this happens the market for custom countertops shrinks from the retail perspective.. Less customer interest drives up competition and increases costs associated to acquiring new customers. We are also being hit a little early with this election year and the consumer unrest that seems to accompany election years. We have the strategies to help you keep the saws moving and the cash flowing. How we combat seasonal slowdowns and election year uneasiness and increase opportunities for sales: - Increase the perceived value (change the offer to be more enticing to increase leads and closing ratio from available customers) - Increase the budget to increase your exposure (Current target market we are exposed to 30% of what is available)                 - Increase target areas (you do this after we reach near 100% of the current t