Would you like 10, 20, 30+ more granite countertops installs per month?


Would you like 10, 20, 30+ more installs per month?
We want you on www.granitemakeover.com
nothing until high quality granite leads start comming in!
Simply click the link or call 877 877 1916

once leads start comming in
2 Granite sales in the next 30 days or
*100% money back Guarantee!
Granite Marketing Program:
Unlimited Exclusive Granite Countertop Leads
for only $399/month.

BONUS: We are waiving the $299 Setup Fee (on GraniteMakeover.com Only)
for a limited Time.

Restrictions may Apply. Subject to change without notice.
Offer Ends 1/1/2014
How does it work?
We customize one of our brands with your information, offers, photos of your work and testimonials. Based on our current placement in search engines as well as our national advertising power we drive buyers to you in your local market. Our Premium brand is going fast www.granitemakeover.com but if that is taken we have additional brands like www.affordablegranite.co, kitchen-granite-countertops.com and more for markets that GraniteMakeover is not available.

Lead Quality?
Our leads are as good as they get! Since we educate the consumer on your specific offers and the quality of your work customers will be educated on your specific services before they reach out to you.

How do I measure my ROI?
We track everything, from every phone call to web form submission our website have instant estimators, virtual kitchen designers and stone color search features that help the customer help themselves through the early stages of the buying cycle and with our help this takes place with your content.

How do i define my offers?
The most important factor to your success is creating perceived value. You can do this through packaging, price point and/or through providing photos of superior quality products and service and testimonials. If you need assistance with this please fell free to contact us and we can help you with a free 30 minute phone consultation. We work with fabricators and kitchen shops all over the country and in a few other countries. We help fabricators, professional sales people and kitchen shops compete/dominate online.
Do you need a website or does this affect my website in anyway?
NO! This service is completely separate and has no effect on your current website. Everything we do will be tracked and you will know what is coming from us verse your other efforts.

Why two sales?
2 Sales would put you under $200 cost per sale. Since this program is unlimited leads you should do better than 2 sales but not every fabricator is created equal when it comes to sales and understanding how to promote a business. We are setting the bar low. Houston client did $15 Cost Per Sale in the first 2 weeks, yes I said cost per sale.
Let me state this deal one more time.

Pay nothing until your first lead hits
*100% money back GUARANTEE!

If you do not close 2 granite jobs in the next 30 days I will give you your $399 back.

Complete the registration form
Next Steps:
  1. You complete the registration form as requested and completely.
  2. We will set you up in your local market on one of our brands and have you proof the setup before we go live.
  3. You will approve the setup.
  4. Once leads start coming in we will setup the $399 per month subscription through Paypal (any credit card or debit, Paypal account is not required). cancel at any time.
  5. We will launch your campaign.
  6. At the end of 30 days we will touch base with you and see if you wish to continue the service or if you would like a refund.
Complete the registration form

or call 877 877 1916
*If you are unsatisfied with the service in anyway during the first 30 days you may cancel by sending an email. Upon cancellation, all your details will be removed from our brand websites and any obligation to provide services to you will be dissolved. You will provide us license to display content that you provide and will not provide us with any copyrighted content that you do not own. We reserve the right to cancel our relationship with you without notification or reason. If this cancellation happens prior to the end of a billing cycle you will be refunded your subscrition fee to the next 10 days. Refunds will be processed within 15 days of receipt of request. Restrictions may Apply. Subject to change without notice. New customers only. Offer Ends 1/1/2014
FireUps® is the granite and natural stone installers source for instant exposure to local and national markets with strategically Targeted Online Marketing Campaigns and proven Web exposure. FireUps provides local online marketing services for the small to medium sized granite surface installers with a focus on the proven results that will increase your bottom line. Our teams expertise in direct to consumer marketing is second to none, and we want to share how we can help ensure your business is found by the pro-active customer who is searching for counter tops made from granite, stone, marble or other stone surfaces. Just the niche product or services you provide!

FireUps® will put your counter top product, installation service and surface remodeling company on the virtual map and generate a buzz that you could never have imagined. We focus on maximizing your return on investment through a clear understanding of your business objectives and by translating your value proposition to your customers! If you want to do more counter top installations tomorrow,
partner with FireUps® TODAY! 603 617 3877

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