Short sighted granite countertop marketing idea

I found this article below..claiming to be a great idea for granite fabricators. I think this is so short sighted. And where is the marketing in this? Where are the numbers? What does it cost? What is the potential return... This is not marketing this is a shot in the dark. The only play here is that middle America buys from malls and would be walking past the kiosk... Here is a better idea... have a kitchen designer on your website, we also have a instant estimator and enable them to view your work all from your website with us that can be viewed on any mobile phone or Internet browser. You can provide these services 24 /7 /365 Oh and offer nights and weekend by appointment... Prequalify these customers by exposing them to the website first and collecting job details prior to off hours obligations.... This is a must if your are moving into retail
The idea was so simple; to setup a Kiosk inside a mall. Now you may not think this would be effective for your business, but once I gave this some thought, I came across a dozen ways someone could use this to promote their business, but I will leave that to your imagination, and let me put this idea into perspective for the countertop industry. First of all, a Kiosk is one of those small carts or booth that are usually sitting in the middle of walkways in the mall. If you’ve been to a mall, then I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’ve seen one, then I can almost guarantee that you have been attracted to one of these at one point or another by some cool new product or someone just stopping you to have a look at something. It is almost impossible to just walk by a Kiosk in the mall and see what it is that they are selling. Once I started to visualize this in my head, I was like ‘of course’, how many families (home owners) walk by one of these everyday. A well-designed Kiosk for the granite countertop industry could be very effective in pulling in homeowners that are just walking by. If the homeowner has thought about switching their old countertops to something more elegant and has just not gotten around to it, then you would be at the right place at the right time for them. I have noticed in this industry that many showrooms are open 9am to 5pm on weekdays and maybe 60% of those open on Saturday maybe 11am to 4pm. This to me is an issue, because most jobs happen to also be 9 to 5 on weekdays and some jobs demand work on Saturdays. I hope you see the problem here! The only free time a homeowner has, to plan out their kitchen, bathroom or other remodeling projects at home, in my opinion would be after hours. This means after 6pm on week days (by the time they get home) and weekends, like Sundays (family days). So in way I feel like these granite companies are actually keeping (pushing) some business away. I really think there’s a huge benefit to having a Kiosk displaying different edge options, different color samples, different types of materials, different finishes, differences between good and bad seams, maybe even a flat screen TV rotating videos of different jobs that you’ve done in the past or showing the facility etc. This could really make an impact and generate a bunch of sales ‘on the spot’ and also good leads. One last thing that I would suggest would be to make sure you evaluate your market, and put the Kiosk on a mall that is as close as possible to your targeted market. Do you want to really make an impact and pull people in? Then get permission from the person leasing the Kiosk, and bring in a full size granite slab for them to feel and touch. Have you ever seen a real car sitting in the middle of the mall ready to be given away on some contest? Same concept! Have a great day everyone.

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