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I had a small business client today ask me about email marketing. I really wanted to provide some direction to this small business owner rather then turn them away and have someone else take their money.

Email marketing is Push marketing, I am pushing my message onto someone. Much like a television ad, not many people like them or want them but it can be effective over time, these are called impressions. It may take many impressions to achieve a response. "Local" Email marketing in a list purchase is only cost effective when you can remove as many filters as possible.

here are some numbers to think about.

Targets: building a list (x) suggested 1000
open rate: person actually opens the email (.01-3%) 30
responders: people that respond to the email (5%)1.5
sales: actual purchase of the item (10%) .15

Example: 1000 local targeted emails generates = 30 people may actually open the email = .3 will respond generating .03 sales. avg sale $19.99 est cost $500 (return -$500 )

You may now be asking why does any one do this then? The less you target the less it costs. If I have a national product or service I can buy the same email address for 1/50th of the price based on the size of the purchase and the targets. 2 million emails nationally about 1-2 cents each but you can't put in a tub in arizona or florida, right? 10,000,000 targeted emails generates 300000 people may actually open the email 3000 will respond generating 300 sales. See how it works?

Example: 10,000,000 national targeted emails generates 300000 people may actually open the email 3000 will respond generating 300 sales. est cost $2000 (return $5997)


  • Clean clear website professionally designed and to the point
    site is developed so that the search engines list you properly based on keywords that you want.
  • Content management system to some pages of your site so that you can add new content and products with ease.
  • Start building your database of email addresses of people that sign up for special promotions offers on the products you sell. your list = $$$
  • Connect you to other local companies and build your link popularity.
  • Now we can market you because your website is able to manage the potiential customer that we drive to the site.
  • Providing up to date and correct information.
  • We add a coupon to the site ex. 15% off installation: this is web only and must be presented prior to quotes given..blah blah blah. this will help you track the effectiveness of the website to generate leads for your business. say profit is 30%: 15% of 2 sales is more then no sales at all from online.
  • Next you look to sponsor newsletters and local online rags that target your customer for additional leads. Union leader, manchester newspaper etc

    Online marketing hinges on your ability to collect email address on your website.

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